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Nudist Beach Articles

No Nudes Good News For Beach Towns

NAKED sunbathers may be forced to get dressed as some Victorian beach communities lead a backlash against nudist hot spots.

Exposure Test In New Swing-free Zone

Don't look now, but Sydney could get a new nudist beach just in time for summer.

Locals Expose Their Charms As They Shed Their Clothes By The Sea Shore

PORT Phillip Bay has its secret places. "Nudist Beach 100m" said the sign at the end of a cranky old road that was more patches than paving. The strip of boat sheds lining Campbells Cove, near Werribee, were surprise enough, but a nudist beach at the end of the track?

Slap On The Cheek For Nudists Over Inland Beach Plan

TWO keen nudists are having a tough time trying to convince councils to approve NSW's first inland nudist beach.

Let It All Hang Out

THERE is a new nudist beach in Toronto, Ontario. Big naked bodies can be seen lolling all over the sand, bosoms hanging, pendulums swinging. They can soak the sun into their white bottoms and pink privates to their hearts' content. They must not, however, under any condition, more